Let’s face it – homeowners usually dress up their windows for beauty over function. But with our window coverings, you can tie beauty and functionality together for a perfect fit in your home (and bills).

Shades with dual layers of fabric — a light color on one side and a darker color on the other— add the most functionality. You could even go as far as to reverse the shades based on the season; light colors will reflect heat in summer, while dark colors will absorb heat during winter. Our top pick – our cellular shades which boast an energy savings of up to 44%. Put them throughout your house or wherever you choose; shades are flexible, so any window orientation will work.

Blinds help reduce solar heat gain while maintaining the correct, desired amount of light, ventilation and privacy. When closed and lowered on a sunny window, reflective blinds (white or near white) are capable of reducing heat gain by 45%! The best places to have blinds installed in your home are in south and west facing windows for optimal energy savings.