Deluxe Shades (Light Filtering & Blackout)



Double head rail construction allows this shade to be lowered from the top to let unobstructed natural light into the room while maintaining privacy and/or controlling glare on computer screens etc. – or simultaneously drop from the top and lift from the bottom to maximize control of light and view. Integrated control handles on bottom and middle rails.




Deluxe & Deluxe CCO
Minimum Width 8.5″, CCO Minimum Width 15″, Maximum Width 96″
Minimum Length 10″, Maximum Length 144″

Deluxe Cordless
Minimum Width 11.5″, Maximum Width 96″
Minimum Length 10″, Maximum Length 86″

Vertical (Patio Door)
Minimum Width 30″, Maximum Width 120″
Minimum Length 24″, Maximum Length 120″



Deluxe (Std, CCO & TDBU)
Minimum Mounting Depth 2″
Minimum Flush Mounting Depth 2 1/4″

Vertical (Patio Door)
Minimum Mounting Depth 2 5/8″
Minimum Flush Mounting Depth 3 1/8″



CCO (Continuous Cord Loop)
Deluxe Only

Top Down Bottom Up
Value & Deluxe Only

Vertical (Patio Door)
Deluxe Only

Deluxe Shades TDBU (Top Down Bottom Up) have cords.