Cellular shades are available in a variety of materials and colors that let you customize your windows without limits! They fit in with almost all home décor designs because you can base your shade choice on opacity, energy efficiency and color.

Unlike regular blinds or shades, cellular shades offer you the option of a cordless control system – making them ideal for kid’s bedrooms or for a home with animals that may bother the normal cord system. If you’re going for a blackout feel in your room so the sun doesn’t peek in while you’re trying to sleep, cellular shades with a high opacity rating will do just this for you.. Likewise, if you have a room that’s meant to be bright and airy but just needs a little protection from the sun, go with a light filtering cellular shade option.

Need help with noise? Cellular shades can help with noise absorption, making them ideal for high-traffic living. Need privacy? These shades are easily some of the most private window coverings you can have, making them a good fit for first level windows – even bathrooms! Don’t want to cover your entire window? Try a cellular shade covering 2/3rds of your window – and enjoy the top down, bottom up functionality of certain cellular shades, so that you can move them up or down to find the right amount of light coming through right where you want it! Plus, their unique honeycomb effect also helps for the shades to raise and lower with ease. While most cellular shades are designed with a horizontal pleat to be shifted up and down easily, they also come in a vertically pleated design perfect for doors or unique windows so that you can mix and match designs within one room.