Winthrop TortiseEven though the calendar says that January is the official start of the new year, for many of us, it’s September and back to school that FEELS like the start. The summer is behind us, the excitement of the upcoming holidays is just far enough away to not yet be stressful. It’s a time we start to look around our homes and address the things that need to be added, replaced or refreshed.

Changing out your existing window coverings can bring a much needed update to your home, be it switching to a different style than you currently have or just replacing tired and maybe a little worn with shiny and new!

The two most popular options are blinds and shutters. I love blinds! They are so versatile. They can stand on their own or be used with drapery panels (I liken them to a camisole–you can wear it by itself or layer it with a shirt or sweater).

They are extremely functional–they can be lowered and closed for complete privacy; the slats can be opened and adjusted for precise light control; they can be fully raised to allow for an unobstructed view. And you can’t beat the cost.

Shutters are lovely. You need nothing else to finish off the window. They lend themselves to many different interior styles and clearly state “here lives someone who appreciates a designer look”. They function beautifully, help with insulation and are easy to care for. They add instant value to your home in a way that no other product does.

The most common question when selecting either blinds or shutters is what color to choose. The answer, almost always, is to match your existing trim color. For most people, that means white. Think of it as an extension of your woodwork. If you have stained trim in, say, a mahogany finish, then you would want to go with a darker stained blind or shutter. Don’t try and match your furniture! You want a cohesive look with the window itself…white trim–white product or stained trim–stained product.

There are other options…roller shades, fabric Roman shades and woven wood shades, to name a few. There are many design elements that factor into the final choice with these products. This is where your design consultant can help steer you in the right direction.

Whatever your product choice (or choices!) may be, new window coverings are an easy way to give your decor a boost and get your home ready for the upcoming “new year”. Don’t wait until January to get started!