When homeowners try to put their own personal stamp on their home or even individual rooms within a house, they often look for big changes that they can make. A new coat of paint here, a whole new furniture design there – that kind of thing. While all of this is fine, it overlooks the fact that there are certain small modifications you can make that will STILL give you exactly what you’re after.

Case in point: top down, bottom up window coverings are fast becoming one of the hippest trends in home design today for a wide range of different reasons. At Builders Blinds, we couldn’t be more excited to help shed valuable new light on such a bold new design choice.

What Are Top Down, Bottom Up Window Coverings?

As their name suggests, top down, bottom up window coverings are a particular style of shades that allow you to shut out glare without blocking out all of the light entering a room. By allowing you to raise or lower the shades at both ends depending on your preferences, you can have complete control over the way a particular room looks and feels – regardless of where the sun happens to be in the sky.

Because of this, they’re great for eliminating glare by giving you total control over exactly how much light you’re letting into a room, along with the overall quality of that light.

Additionally, this particular type of window covering brings with it another major benefit in the form of privacy. You no longer have to make a choice between “I want to let light into this room” and “I don’t want people to be able to see into my home from the outside.” By giving yourself the ability to raise or lower your shades at both ends depending on the particular situation you find yourself in, you can truly have both at the exact same time.

The Benefits of Top Down, Bottom Up Window Coverings

One area of your home where top down, bottom up shades would be absolutely perfect for is an environment like a home theater room that also doubles as a general entertainment area. When you’re knee deep in your favorite Hollywood blockbuster, you obviously want maximum control over the light in your environment so you can help make the experience as immersive as possible. After all, movie theaters are pitch black for a reason.

But what happens when you’re just using the space for general entertaining? Your only two options can’t be “all of the light” or “none of the light,” can they? Not anymore, they aren’t – not thanks to the superior flexibility and total lighting control that top down, bottom up shades can provide.

The same general flexibility can be extended to any room in your home, particularly those that get direct sunlight at inopportune times of the day, previously rendering certain areas of your home unusable between specific hours.

These are just a few of the many benefits that top down, bottom up window coverings bring to the table. While these are absolutely one of the hippest trends in home design to keep an eye out for, they’re also a lot more than that – they bring an unparalleled sense of flexibility, quality and versatility to your environment, letting you life how you want, where you want, with no exceptions (and no interference from that pesky sun).

At Builders Blinds, we’re incredibly proud to be your one-stop shop for your entire window covering needs. Whether you’re looking for top down, bottom up window coverings or want to find out about other incredible new trends hitting the market, don’t delay – contact us today.