Winthrop Tortise

Spiced lattes, warm sweaters, pumpkin patches and the falling leaves have begun — we are finally through the bright hot summers and easing into coziness of Fall. October means many things to many people, but as a designer, it always brings a refreshed sense of urgency to spruce up my home. Be it preparing for cozy evenings, football-filled Sundays or hosting family during the upcoming holidays, I always feel most encouraged in the fall months to “upgrade” my normal living spaces.

As most of us do, I begin to look around my home and see things I’d like to update or finally get around to purchasing. Updating my window treatments, this year, means adding depth under my drapery panels with Woven Wood Shades. These shades come in warm, natural hues, reminiscent of the texture and beauty of the woods, while repeating the elegance and depth of my furniture and floors.

One of the many shade offerings we have at Builders Blinds, is the Sarasota Cocoa. It is one of my favorites – Not only for myself, but for many of my clients. It blends the depth of the dark hardwood with smaller spines and twists to create a beautiful window covering. It can either be layered beneath drapery panels, for a more traditional look, or all alone for a coastal, simple natural flavor. The Sarasota Cocoa is just one of the many colors and styles that Builders Blinds offers in Woven Woods. There are also more natural, lighter wood options, such as the Ashbury Camel, which sings out modern, natural and crisp. Whereas the Winthrop Tortoise becomes a focal element in any room, and has the magical ability to tie many different wood species in the space together with its glorious mixture of dark and light.

Whichever way you choose to warm and refresh your home, please keep in mind all of the wonderful options Builds Blinds has to offer and let us show you what would bring depth and warmth into your living spaces this Autumn!